back-to-school bundle

back-to-school bundle$14.00

Whether you’re sending your littles back to school, your teenagers off to college or you’re heading back into the office, we’re here for all your back-to-school and back-to-work needs.

Normally, school checklists include calculators and three-ring binders, but neglect the essentials you can’t find at your local office supplies store. Stay hydrated all day long with our soothing face stick and nourishing lip balm.



bare face

bare kiss

Whats inside?


bare face

bāeo bare face is a moisturizing face stick with jojoba, calendula and Vitamin E developed to protect and soothe dry sensitive skin from summer heat to winter wind.

bare kiss

bāeo bare kiss is made with sweet almond and argan oils rich in fatty acids to moisturize and penetrate deep into the skin. The organic coconut oil nourishes dry skin, while peppermint leaves your lips cool and refreshed.


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