After I am done with the tins can I recycle them? Are they reusable?

All of our products are packaged in recyclable and re-usable, earth-friendly containers.

How do I know the ingredients in your products are truly organic and safe?

As a company we are committed to being transparent and educating our customers about why each ingredient is used in our product line. We also work closely with our manufacturers ensuring not only our products are organic but we actually know the source of origin.

What is the best age range to use bāeo products?

Our products are carefully formulated be gentle enough for the littles ones, but effective for all ages! We encourage families to share and enjoy their bāeo products.

Is it okay to use the products on body parts other than the ones they are specified for?

Absolutely! We encourage you to find the best product that works for your individual skin needs. 

Is it safe to use shampoo on my newborn?

Our shampoo/body wash is safe for all ages, but for the first 6 months it is always best to check with your doctor on their recommendation. Our bare suds wash was created without harmful chemicals or fragrance which makes it safe to use on baby’s delicate skin.

Is it okay if my husband wants to use the slumber salve on himself at night?

We created our product line with everyone in mind. Our products are rich in nourishing ingredients and everybody can benefit from using them. 

Why don’t you use preservatives in your products ?

In order to create a “clean” skincare line free of harmful chemicals we use Tocepherol in our products. Tocepherol is commonly known as Vitamin E. It is an antioxidant with properties that help protect the skin from environmental factors while nourishing dehydrated skin. Tocepherol also conveniently acts as a natural preservative alleviating the need for potentially dangerous chemicals in our formulations. We strongly suggest always using clean, dry hands when applying any of our balms to eliminate potential bacteria growth within the tins.

How should I store my products?

We encourage you to store our balms in a cool dry place when you are not using them. As with any balm, extreme temperatures will change the texture and consistency. Each of our products have a shelf life recommendation on the label. 

Are there any hidden, nasty chemicals in your products?

Absolutely not! We mindfully created a line without phylates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, or harmful chemicals. With that in mind we have kept our core ingredients to a minimum and only include what is beneficial for you and your little ones. We have included a description for the individual products detailing the benefits and properties of each ingredient. You can find this in the ingredients section on our website. 

Do you do any product testing on animals or is it all done on your own children and friends?

We are certified by "Leaping Bunny" which is an organization that certifies companies who do not conduct animal testing. All of our products have gone through extensive testing in order to be considered safe for babies delicate skin. Our products are dermatologist tested and allergy tested.  However it is safe to say our children will be the first to offer an opinion on certain smells or textures in the initial phases of creating a new product!

How do you “give back” beyond making great products?

We each feel it is our responsibility to make this world a better place for our children, community and the planet. Our commitment ranges from who we partner with to the labs manufacturing our products. For more details please visit the Our Commitment section on our website. 

Do you each have a favorite product you personally use? 

Anna's favorite product is bare butter. I use it everywhere as does my husband and my kids. I cannot get enough of the smell and how hydrating it is. 

Sarah says: “My favorite product is bare booty.  My kids have sensitive skin, and we had issues trying to find diapers that worked for them. In the developing phase I would use our bare booty samples as a barrier to protect their little bottoms and also as a moisturizer for their  body. I am in love with the smell.”

Are there plans to expand the line?

Yes! We are already working on some special products.

How do I find you on social media?

You can follow us on Instagram: @baeobaby and Facebook here

Where can I find your products?

The full range of bare essentials are exclusively sold through our website. Alternatively, you can refer to our "Where To Find Us" page for additional retailers who carry bāeo.

My package is lost! What do I do?

Oh no! If your package has been lost in transit, please contact us right away. After an order has been delivered to the correct shipping address, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.

My product melted what do I do?

If you have received a box on a hot day or if your box sat in the sun your balm could be extra soft. Not to worry! We recommend storing it right side up in the fridge for two hours and allowing it to reform to its perfect consistency! We encourage you to store our balms in a cool dry place when you are not using them to maintain the consistency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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