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We sent out a post on April 1st to ask you to nominate a family to be our #baeofamilyoftheweek 

"Happy April everyone! For the whole month of April we will have a family of the week every week! We would love for you to nominate a family and share a little story about them, why you love them, are grateful for them, why they are important to you and we will send them a set of bāeo goodies. For this month as we stay home let’s send out some positivity and use this time to tell those around us that we appreciate them and that we care. 
Send some #baeolove and tag your favorite families below. We will let the winners know every week and do a little post about them! Xoxoxo #baeofamilyoftheweek "

One of our very first responses came from: @jennykhalemapursuit

"I nominate @jodileaa. Her family just moved from Dubai to Nashville a couple of weeks ago during all of the craziness that the world is going through. She has a toddler and newborn and loves natural products. I appreciate all of the positive vibes her and her family send to the people they are around. Their flexibility and adaptability in their current situation of trying to settle down in an unpredictable situation is admirable."

Since then we have had an amazing outpouring of support and admiration for families all over the US! We will continue to gift families throughout April and hope to spread some joy during this time. 

We interviewed Jodi from last weeks family of the week and here is what she had to say. 



Who is in your family and what are your little ones ages?

My name is Jodi. My husband’s name is David. We have been married for 5years.  
We have a daughter named Claire, she is 2 years old and our son, Henry was born this past December, so he is 4 months old.

Where are you from?

I was born in Montana. My husband is from Atlanta GA. We both just spent the last 6 years living abroad in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

We loved hearing your friend Jenny talk about your family and the massive move you made during a very critical time in the world.
What was that like for you?

It was very difficult for multiple reasons. Mostly because it marked the end of an era. Both of our children were born there and we made some lifelong friends and shared some wonderful memories so it was sad to leave and difficult to part with our loved ones. We decided to leave all of our belongings behind as well and I tend to be a bit sentimental so deciding what we couldn’t live without was difficult. We had always planned on returning home to the United States and originally planned to do so in April, but as we watched the health crisis span out from China, we decided we better pack up and leave sooner or risk possibly having to stay put indefinitely (which we see is the case now) Relocating across the world with 2 small infants in the midst of a global pandemic was no small feat!

The number one question lately - What are you doing to keep your kids entertained during social isolation?

Fortunately we moved into a beautiful, spacious home with a fenced in backyard. We have been spending copious amounts of time outside. Playing games, having picnics etc. My husband ordered a Tball set for Claire online as well as a Corn Hole game set which we have truly been enjoying. We also have nature treasure hunts, do arts and crafts and take long walks in the mornings.

Do you have a piece of advice to share with other mothers out there who might be struggling?

Well, I can say that this quarantine has forced me to be a bit more introspective. It has also brought up some fear for me, centered around uncertainty and the grocery store “situation” has had me concerned about scarcity and thinking of others who might not have as many resources.

It also has me analyzing how I deal with adversity in the present moment. I’m taking each challenge as it arises and remembering to remain centered in the here and now. What do I have control over? How can I make my situation better for myself (self care) and my family? How I am deciding to show up emotionally for my loved ones? I have kept myself happy by forcing myself to move for at least 20 minutes a day and preparing home cooked dinners each night. Meditation and prayer are also helping me stay grounded and release fear. Also this time has inspired me to reach out to friends and family members far more than I normally would. Checking in with loved ones has really brightened my outlook and assuaged my concerns.

 Thank you to Jodi and Jenny we look forward to hearing from more of you. 

Much love - Team bāeo


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