bāeo's family of the week - week 2

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  For the whole month of April we will have a family of the week every week! We would love for you to nominate a family and share a little story about them, why you love them, are grateful for them, why they are important to you and we will send them a set of bāeo goodies. For this month as we stay home let’s send out some positivity and use this time to tell those around us that we appreciate them and that we care. 

Last week @ashleejones_519 nominated her friend @bugandlilmans_mom2620 Susan: “37 weeks pregnant and has been sewing masks for medical professionals and frontline workers.” 

We chatted with Susan to hear more about the work she has been doing and how she keeps her little ones entertained at home. 

Who is in your family and what are your little ones ages?
My husband, Jeremy, and myself have 2 children, Kenzie (oldest daughter) and Lennox (son) and one more (daughter) on the way.

Where are you from?
We are from outside of Nashville TN.

Your friend Ashlee mentioned that you have been sewing masks for medical professionals and frontline workers. That’s so amazing! We would love to hear your experience.
Yes, I sew for a living (Journey to the Moon Creations), but I stopped doing my business sewing for about 2 weeks to start sewing masks for anyone that I know who needed them. I donated to nurses, EMTS, chiropractors, and various medical staff members that either contacted me or others did on their behalf. I also donated scrub caps to a couple of people upon request as those are also much needed. I hated to have to stop but.... baby is coming soon.

The number one question lately - What are you doing to keep your kids entertained during social isolation?
We homeschool, so being at home isn't new to my children. They do miss all of their extracurricular activities and friends and cousins!! They luckily play very well together so we have not been too much out of our routine during this time, but keeping us healthy is the number 1 focus since we will have a new addition soon.
Do you have a piece of advice to share with other mothers out there who might  be struggling?
My biggest piece of advice to ANYONE is to talk.
Reach out to ANYONE! Friends, family... we have technology, we should use it. Even if you're hesitant, I bet SOMEONE feels the same as you do. It is HARD to be at home and do all of the things. I do it on a regular basis as my husband travels for work. I normally hate talking on the phone but I've made sure I do so during this time so I can keep contact with my friends. Also letting the kids contact their friends is super important! Even if it is writing an old-fashioned letter!


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