bāeo's family of the week - week 3

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This is our last week to nominate a #baeofamilyoftheweek!! For the whole month of April we asked you to nominate a family and share a little story about them, why you love them, are grateful for them, why they are important to you and we sent out sets of bāeo goodies!! We look forward to hearing your stories and nominations and sending another family some love. Let’s continue to spread joy as we stay home and send out some positivity and tell those around us that we appreciate them and that we care.
Last week @smilelaterg nominated her friend 

@taylorttran and said "she is one of the most amazing pediatrician and person I know. She cared for all her little patients like they are her own." 


Who is in your family and what are your little ones ages? 

My husband and I are both physicians.  The little ones are Audrey 7, Evie 5, Jake 3.


Where are you from? 

We live in Orange County, CA


Your friend Lihn mentioned that you are a pediatrician. How have things been for you in your role as a doctor during this time? 

Its definitely been an unprecedented time for all of us in healthcare right now.  Fortunately, Southern California has fared better than other parts of the country.  My heart goes out to colleagues in other parts of the nation like NYC.  My work has been pretty challenging the past 6 weeks - there are constant changes in the way we operate at the hospital and office level to ensure that we are prepared for any possible surges and to ensure that our patients and staff remain safe and healthy.  I would have to admit that a lot of us in medicine have had moments of fear and concern during this time - my husband and I come home and decontaminate and don't allow the kids to touch us until we strip down and shower!  However, covid-19 has really brought out the comraderie of our healthcare team and that extends from the top medical directors/physicians to nurses, respiratory therapists, medical assistants, and environmental services personnel - this teamwork is what I am truly grateful for.


The number one question lately - What are you doing to keep your kids entertained during social isolation? 

Luckily with three kiddos, they will always have someone to play with.  My kids have definitely bonded more during this time.  Aside from our daily struggles with distance learning assignments (teachers are saints!), my kids spend a lot of time swimming, scootering in our backyard, doing online art sessions.  We just bought a mini bounce house that is due to arrive this week so hoping that will help occupy their time and keep them physically active.


Do you have a piece of advice to share with other mothers out there who might be struggling?

If there is any mama out there struggling, I want them to know that they are not alone.  Motherhood is hard, it takes a village!  It makes it even more difficult now with social distancing when you don't have all the support from family and friends that you normally would have.  These are truly crazy times we are living in! 

 If there is anyone struggling, I would ask them to reach out to someone!  I hope they know that they can call their pediatricians/physicians/therapists (most are still available by telehealth), zoom a friend, or join a mommy group.  Some of my closest friends are moms that I formed a bond with from online mommy groups!  Sometimes just venting or laughing about how ridiculous the day was helps!  I would want them to know that they are not alone and we can get through this together!

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