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For the whole month of April we asked you to submit a family of the week every week that inspires you! 
Our last week of April 
mamahartung wrote about her friend and here is what she said: 
"@igot_this_mummais a family that deserves more goodness than the world could ever give. Through her calling as the worlds most joyful dance teacher over at @tahneeandthetreehouse she has gifted my little girl, and thousands upon thousands of others a passion for dance and a sense of self worth that is unmeasurable, and now, still with a smile on her face, glitter on her bald head and genuine joy in her heart, she is tackling a cancer diagnosis with pride and fierce determination. Knowing her personally, watching the way her Mumma and sister are knit together with golden thread, and the way that this extends, not only to her own children, who she treats always with compassion, respect and a boundless mama heart, but all her tiny dancers, who she gives boundlessly to as well, she is a true inspiration, and giver of light. Her own family, my family, and thousands of other families she has touched adore her beyond measure ❤️" 
We had the privilege of interviewing Tahnee below.
Who is in your family and what are your little ones ages?
My hubby is from Sweden and his name is Lars.
Our first born is Teo who just turned 8.
Then Bodhi is 4, and our baby Arnhem is 1.5
NaN (my mum) lives next door yippee haha

Where are you from?
I’m Gold Coast born and bread, but lived 8 years in Europe where I met Lars.

Your friend Emma mentioned that you teach children to dance. That’s amazing! How long have you been a dancer and what lead you to this field?
I’ve taught children to dance since I was 13. It’s my passion and something I’m good at as I’m a big kid at heart. I get the kids and the kids get me :)
I’ve danced since I was 4, and had a career in the moulin rouge in Paris when I was 18. But fate bought me back home to teach at Brent street in Sydney. And then eventually I moved back to the Gold Coast as I had massive fomo with all my family here.
I decided I had enough of following fundamental ways of the dance world and decided to do things my way. With love, laughter and no pressure. Tahnee and the Treehouse was born in 2013 and we are just getting better and better. This year we launched 3 episodes for children to do at home on YouTube and started Trees and Bees, portions of
 our merchandise goes to planting trees and housing 🐝. If there’s more trees there can be more treehouses and more magic!

The number one question lately - What are you doing to keep your kids entertained during social isolation?
The kids have been doing my online classes here and there haha the 1.5 year old loves seeing Mumma on the tv!
But we have been spending lots of time outside, making things and making mess!
I’ve actually been diagnosed with lymphoma when Covid first broke out, so we havnt been able to leave the house much.
I’m still teaching my classes to our students through zoom, it’s been really fun. The kids sometime join in.

Do you have a piece of advice to share with other mothers out there who might be struggling? 
Be kind to your human!
My roller coaster ride with lymphoma has made me discover that I havnt been very kind to mine.
As a mum, you tend to put yourself last. All the time.
I had a pain in my chest and I knew something was up, I just kept saying I’ll see a doctor next week when I have time... for months!!!!
My advice would be to try, everyday to put yourself as number 1 for at least 30 mins. Take a long bath, listen to music outside and read a good book. Anything that you enjoy and that makes your heart happy.
Check out Tahnee and the Treehouse here
And here for her free Youtube Dance classes 

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