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Hopefully you have had a chance to look through our website and check out our amazing products. You might notice that many of our products share common ingredients. We did this for several reasons, but mainly to ensure that each product contains only simple, effective, and pure botanical elements. In other words, the basics necessary for the highest quality product possible.  If you cannot pronounce an ingredient, then you probably won’t feel safe using it on your baby’s delicate skin or your toddler’s chapped cheeks. As moms, we are faced with so many choices, as well as the pressure to make the right choice. We hope to eliminate some of this stress by educating our customers and by being fully transparent, which is why we list our products’ ingredients on our web page. Because our manufacturing company is local, we are able to work with them directly and be very hands on. We know the region where our botanicals are sourced, and we understand the seasonal differences when harvesting a particular plant. That might not sound too exciting to some, but to us it has been an amazing opportunity in our journey to create the products we are so passionate about!

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