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Wondering what to do with the tin once you have finished your product? Obviously you can recycle it but why do that when there are so many creative options for how to re-purpose them? A couple of ideas worth sharing are to store those annoying little toys which are continuously getting stuck between the back seats of your car in one place, keep the hair accessories that are forever floating around the bottom of your purse organized, make a musical instrument, or if you are feeling like a crafty mama you can always make a candle. We would love to see what you do with your tin! Tag us in a photo on instagram @baeobababy! See our candle recipe below. 

bāeo aromatherapy candle
Metal pot with water
Heat safe glass measuring cup
clothespin for centering the wick
wooden skewer for stirring the wax
bāeo 3 oz recyclable tin
.15 lbs of soy flakes
Lavender and rosemary essential oil
Make sure your bāeo tin has been cleaned of any remaining balm and is completely dry. Place your glass measuring cup in a pan with water, bring the water to a boil and heat the soy flakes until they are melted. This can take several minutes with some frequent stirring required.. Once the flakes are melted dip the end of your wick into the wax and place it into the center of the bāeo tin. The wax will act like a glue securing the wick to the bottom of the tin. Further secure the wick with a clothespin by resting it on either end of the tin. Slowly pour in the wax mixture to right below the top of the tin allowing room to stir in the essential oils.. To create a subtle scent we recommend starting with 7 drops of lavender and 7 drops of rosemary. Use the wooden skewer to gently stir the essential oils into the melted wax. Let the candles rest, while wrapped in a dry washcloth to prevent cracks in the wax, for 24 hours before using..
Don’t be afraid to experiment with essential oil combinations to discover the perfect blend of aroma for your own family. For an uplifting blend combine equals drops of orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oil. We also love adding dried lavender, thyme, hyssop and rosemary in our candles..

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